Mondovi Veterinary Service is a progressive veterinary clinic with a focus on production medicine.  We work with our producers and their teams to care for their herds and create systems that increase production, profitability, and welfare for their animals.  We have been doing this here in the greater Buffalo and Chippewa Valleys for the last 40 years.  We currently have four doctors who are committed to providing care for your dairy or beef operation.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help your farm reach its full potential.  We do this by offering comprehensive veterinary services that ensure the health and productivity of your livestock, and in turn the profitability of your operation.  All this is done using the most recent research and techniques, custom tailored to each farm's needs.  This may range from sick cow diagnosis and treatment, to comprehensive herd vaccination and reproductive protocols, even advice on facility design and expansion.  No matter how large or small of a farm you run, the goal of the doctors and staff at Mondovi Veterinary Service is to provide your animals with exceptional veterinary care.