Calf Health

Scours and pneumonia can wreak havoc on calves.  As more research has been done on calf health, it has become clear that the first 60 days of a calf's life might be the most critical.  Poor gain and high incidence of disease during this time doesn't just result in high treatment costs, it can also have profound effects on first lactation and lifetime milk production.  We understand that every farm has different types of housing and constraints for raising calves.  Let us help you develop a system that will increase calf gain and decrease morbidity and mortality on your farm.

Mondovi Veterinary Service offers the following services for calves:

  • Sanitation and environment audits
  • Lung ultrasound examinations
  • Treatment and vaccination protocols
  • Johne's risk assesment and vaccination
  • Serum total protein levels
  • Colostrum evaluation
  • In house diagnostics for fecal samples for common scours pathogens
  • Nasal swabs for viral and bacterial pneumonia pathogens
  • Necropsy and sample submission to diagnostic laboratories