Milk Quality

As a dairy farmer you don't just milk cows, you produce milk.  Every day the milk you ship affects the lives of thousands of people from the kitchen table down the road, to school cafeterias, to infants overseas.  We care about the quality of your product as much as you do.

Our milk quality services can help you identify and fix whole herd problems which have resulted in high SCC and can help you to identify and treat individual cases of mastitis.  On farm analysis of milking procedures, cow environment and bedding can help to identify areas for improvement and protocol changes.  When combined with DC305 records analysis we can help you to develop and implement protocols to produce high quality milk.


In house culture services are offered as well.  This allows for quick identification of mastitis pathogens, and with the right diagnosis the correct treatments can be made. We culture for all common mastitis pathogens, and can look for mycoplasma on request.  Bulk tank culture, bedding culture, and towel culture are also available.